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How to work with OPIE

So you want to give OPIE a try? We’re glad you’re here. Now let’s get right to it!

Quick start: up and running in 4 steps

  1. First, Sign up for your free OPIE trial account. At the end of this one-page signup, you will receive your API key. This API key is a short string of characters that you’ll pass along with every API call.
  2. Once you have your API key, start by sending a simple ping to the OPIE API. You can do this in any programming language or environment, so long as you can manage and send HTTPS requests.
    curl '' -H 'opie-key: [YOUR API KEY]'
  3. View the API reference. It’s convenient to keep this page open while working with OPIE. Fun fact: You can even run API calls directly from the API reference.
  4. Build! Design, develop, iterate, and amaze. Check out the examples under ”Using OPIE” at the left of this page. And please do contact us if there’s any way we can help make OPIE the perfect Earth data source for your project.